Idea for Assignment

In this blog post I am going to declare my potential idea for the assignment.

As a base idea, I am intrigued in creating a giant keyboard, a bit like the ones that are in large toy shops in America.

The idea is that Avatars will step on the keyboard note, and a sound or at least a written note will show. The extra item would be to create a switch where a pre determined tune will play out in the message box.


My next idea is to have a self replicating staircase, where the Avatar steps on the spawn staircase, and a step is created. Subsequent clicks will create more steps until you have a step, and once the Avatar is out of range of earlier steps, they will disappear.


As a finalised idea, I would like to do the stairwell, where stepping on every 5 steps or so plays a note, creating a tune for going up as well as down.

To do this, I believe I will need to implement;

– A Rezzing Stair

– A Sensor on each step to detect a specific Avatar

– A death sequence for the step

– A counter for the note tune

РA Note for instructions

– A Script to play the note

There are several ways around these specifications, but I believe that the overall proposal is sufficient and complex enough to warrant an assignment project.


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