Project Moonlight II

So this week, after messing around on animations using Avimator (it was quite difficult creating a stable animation that didn’t have an arm mysteriously detach from your shoulder)

What weird and freaky models they use; they are really unnatural mannequins. *shivers*

I continued with my project.

The thing that I wanted to get sorted out this week at least were the ten second segments of Moonlight Sonata. After looking around I found a very good program called Goldwave, allowing me 2000 actions (whatever they are) before the trial ends.

It seems really good at editing and creating clips; the main trouble I had was finding what sounds Second Life would let you upload.

It says wave format, but really they want specifically WAV PCM Stereo Unsigned 16Bit at 44100 HZ.

What a pain. I only found this out after I created 36 WAV PCM Stereo files at varying Hz.

It seems Second Life really doesn’t want you to use their sound upload system.

And 10 seconds? Really? How hard is it to include a minute upload option?

Never mind.

A bit of a pain to manage 36 files.

I also found out that Preloading Sound works, but only for two files in one prim at a time?! Seriously how broken is this environment?

I shall have to figure out some other way.


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